Experience feedback

"Busan, 57 years old, Liang 00, male"

I've been gaining weight recently and I've been very constipated. Introduced by a friend, I experienced the Coilun Lai Thermal Care Mattress. Lie prone first After 30 minutes, when I touched my stomach with my hands, I felt warm. Usually, my lower abdomen was always cool, and I felt bloated. The doctor said that my body was damp and I usually had bad breath. I brushed it three or four times a day. Secondary teeth don't help either. In the process of experiencing Coilun Lai, I began to feel a warm feeling in my abdomen and my body was sweating. I felt comfortable and novel, with a sense of relaxation. The next day, I put my abdomen on the mattress for an hour, and the temperature was adjusted at 60 degrees. After the experience, I sweated a lot, and felt a little tired and weak in my limbs. On the third day, I got up in the morning, drank a glass of warm water, and went to the bathroom immediately. I felt that it was not as difficult as before, and it was very smooth. When you go to bed at night, it doesn't take as long to fall asleep as before. The whole body felt as if it had taken off a layer of thick armor and stretched easily. Now Columbus is with me, and one hour of warm care every day has brought a good change to my life. The peculiar smell in the mouth has improved, and the weight has also been controlled after paying attention to the adjustment of the diet. What is particularly gratifying is that the constipation has been greatly improved, and now it is really no longer a burden to go to the bathroom. The warm treatments from Columbus have brought me into a healthy and rechargeable life.

"Seoul City, 60 years old, Choi 00, male"

When I was young, my neighbors called me "Bang Niu" because I was sturdy and had a cheerful personality. But after a major car accident, I suffered a serious injury to my lower back. I'm in my 60s this year, "lumbar stenosis" has been with me for more than 30 years, I've been seeing a doctor, and nothing has gotten any better. Every night, from the waist to the lower buttocks, then the legs, unexplained swelling, pain. All these make me feel powerless and my mood is relatively low. My life has changed a lot since I met the Coilun Lai Warming Care Mattress, and I became optimistic again as I was when I was a child. The swelling, pain, poor sleep, depression, etc., all made Coulun Lai. chased away. When I go out and go home every day, the first thing that comes to my mind is to let myself lie down on the 60 degrees of Coilun Lai and rest as much as I can. There is no "Kui Lun Lai" now, and it is impossible to fall asleep. Coilun Lai, my good health partner!

"Seoul City, Age 61, Gold 00, Female"

In September 2017, I got 'pulmonary blood disease', which was almost on the verge of death. After treatment, I finally recovered my life. Since then, my lungs and liver have been severely damaged, and my trachea has been severely damaged. I always felt like there was a lot of phlegm in the room, I didn't feel comfortable talking, and I didn't eat deliciously. Sometimes when I was overworked, my throat couldn't make a sound at all. During the few days of experiencing Coilun Lai, I lied back and forth, and lay on my back. Every 30 minutes, I opened my mouth consciously. On the fourth day, when I brushed my teeth, a lot of thick phlegm rolled out of my throat, and I suddenly felt like a clear spring was pouring into my throat, which was so refreshing. During the next few days of experience, I felt even more novel and grateful for the 60 degrees of Columbus. The novelty is that at 60 degrees of Columbus, the skin has no burning sensation at all. It is really novel to receive warm care for an hour at such a high temperature. Thankfully, this powerful warm treatment has relieved my pain over the years and brought my life back to life.

"Busan City, 54 years old, Choi 00, female"

I am 54 years old and I slipped and fell in a heavy snow two years ago. At that time, the ankle, knee, arm, and the left side of the body were severely fractured. Although they recovered slowly after the operation, the sequelae did not disappear, and the shoulder pain and waist pain that followed were also aggravating. Especially when you are too tired, you can't even lift your arms, you can't sleep well, and your mood is unstable. After encountering the 60 degree warm treatment of Columbus, I feel very relieved. I have never liked medical supplies and other treatments. I am especially afraid of heat. When I first heard about 60 degrees, I was really shocked. But after experience, the 60 degrees of Coilun Lai does not burn the skin at all, but instead has a strong sense of warmth to relieve the body. The pain is slowly melted away. Really novel and comfortable! After a period of experience, the pain in the knee and waist has been relieved a lot, and the arm that cannot be lifted has returned to normal. Now I still adhere to the 60-degree warm care of Columbus for an hour every day to recharge my health.

"Daegu City, 65 years old, Park 00, male"

Due to long-term computer work and lack of exercise at ordinary times, over time, he suffered from lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, recurrent attacks, and swelling and pain at night. Unbearable. When severe, can't get out of bed and move around. Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, physiotherapy, etc., there are good times and bad, the most troublesome thing is that you can't go to the hospital in time when you have an attack. About, the waiting time is too long. It's more serious if it drags on and on. My best friend has the same symptoms as me. She experienced 60 degree heat in Coilun Lai After the nursing, she immediately took me to her house, and without saying a word, made me lie on the Columbus mattress on the spot and adjusted the temperature to 60 degrees. I was a little apprehensive at first, Didn't this 60 degrees burn me? She let me rest assured to receive thermal care. At that time, I was in unbearable pain, so I followed her advice and slowly felt the temperature During the rise, unconsciously, the temperature rose to 60 degrees, but my skin did not feel burning, so I exposed the painful part of the waist to the skin and tightened it. Sticking to the mattress, I suddenly felt a heat flow through my body, and soon I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was sweating a lot and the pain was less. the next few I almost experience it at my best friend's house every day, and finally I just bought one myself. In this way, after I insist on an hour of 60-degree warm care at home every day, it hurts. The pain has greatly improved, and now at least I can receive nursing care at home without going to the hospital, which is convenient and effective. Coilun Lai has become an indispensable part of my life "Healthy Girlfriend".

"Gwangju, 30 years old, Liang 00, male"

I am a civil servant and I am not too busy at work. There is no particular problem in terms of physical health, but insomnia. I can't fall asleep when I lie down. I finally fell asleep and woke up after a while. This has been the case for several years. I have tried diet therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. I went to the hospital, but I couldn't find the reason. I was advised to go to the psychiatric hospital and prescribed sleeping pills, which I can't take all year round. I have also tried various methods such as exercise, medicine supplements, etc., but they have no great effect. When I met Columbine, it brought me a whole new life. On the first day of the experience, the 60 degree thermal treatment of Columbus made me I soon fell asleep. The time for the experience was two o'clock in the afternoon. in sleep. After an hour, I didn't even think about it. At that time, I felt that my whole body had never felt relaxed, as if it had been "recharged" again. I bought one on the spot and took it home. Now Coilun Lai has been following me for more than three months. My sleep quality has been greatly improved. I usually feel unwell and fatigued. When I go to bed, I adjust the temperature to 60 degrees and do warm care on it. When I go to bed at night, I adjust the temperature to my favorite 37 degrees. Soon fell asleep. The quality of sleep has improved, and the spirit has also been refreshed. I sincerely thank Coilun Lai for allowing me to have a hearty day. "Gwangju, 30 years old, Liang 00, male"

"Incheon City, 35 years old, yellow 00, female"

I am a middle school teacher and a substitute class teacher. I usually have a lot of work. In addition to classes, our teachers also have Lots of training etc. The work pressure is also relatively high, perhaps because the importance of health has been neglected for a long time, and the immunity gradually declines. My physical strength is gradually overdrawn. I got a thyroid nodule a year ago, which is fortunately benign. Although recovered after surgery, Sequelae still exist. Frequent fatigue, sometimes cold hands and feet, and inflexibility of movement. Columbine 60 temperature thermal care let I was immersed in the thermal energy atmosphere. After an hour of experience, I was sweating a lot. When I came home at night, I felt relaxed. Appetite also increased greatly, and when I went to bed, I fell asleep quickly. In this way, I experienced it for four days in a row, and I was gradually conquered by this heat. It felt like I was lying on a warm floor. Coilun Lai gave me the feeling that my whole body was surrounded by a kind of warm breath. It is also very suitable for general heating in winter. Because the heating speed is fast, the temperature can be adjusted at will, and the automatic shutdown function after 8 hours is particularly reassuring. So I immediately Bought one for single use. Coilun Lai has been with me for more than 4 months. Its meticulous care has enabled me to start some sports properly, and my physique has also improved. Fatigue gradually disappeared and became more energetic.

"Jeju Island, 40 years old, Wu 00, male"

Columbus 60 Degree Thermal Treatment Experience Day 1: Different from others, I sat and experienced it for 40 minutes. At the beginning, I felt dizzy and my whole body seemed to be electrified. It was numb and crisp, and then I felt that the blood was boiling, and then I was sweating. I sweated a lot, and my whole body felt comfortable. The dizziness I had just now disappeared. Lost, I feel sober. Then that night I turned the temperature up to 30 degrees and fell asleep comfortably. When I woke up the next day, I felt a little pain in my shoulder. In the past, due to excessive use of the computer, I had frozen shoulder and cervical disc herniation. Symptoms. These two parts began to feel pain, I thought maybe it was the "improvement reaction" after the experience yesterday? At night, I re- I did another experience, adjusted the temperature to 60 degrees, and pressed the painful part of the shoulder and cervical spine to the mattress, and suddenly felt the heat flow slowly Slowly penetrated through my skin, penetrated deep into my muscles, until the inside of my body, and after waking up for an hour, the pain just now was obvious The ground disappeared, and the cervical spine was relieved a lot. I have also used a lot of multifunctional floor electric blankets, plumbing electric blankets, and even loess beds, but at a high temperature of 60 degrees like Columbus, It is the first product that does not scald the skin and can sleep without any problem for more than an hour. What's even more surprising is that the Columbine mattress has no electromagnetics at all. Field and electric radiation (electromagnetic wave test was done before the experience), so that my children can also use it with peace of mind, which is especially considerate.

"Jeonju, 45 years old, Zhang 00, male"

I have chronic prostatitis. I often urinate frequently and urgently. Especially at night, I can't sleep well. I wake up several times, and I dare not drink more water after dinner. In addition to taking medicine, I have been insisting on taking some supplements and the like. But not much improved. During the seven days of experiencing the 60-degree thermal treatment of Columbus, I lie on my back and prone for 30 minutes every day, so that the 60-degree heat of Columbus can be fully absorbed into the deep inside of the body, because it is not direct heat, but indirect heat. , The skin does not have a burning sensation of direct heat, so there is no problem for a long time. In the future, I feel that my prostatitis has improved. At least I don’t get up several times every night like before, and the urgency of urination is gradually decreasing. Think heat treatments have such a big effect. Thank you very much for the happiness that Coilun Lai has brought me!

"Gangwon-do, Wonju, Macro 00, Male"

The Columbine 60 Degree Thermal Care Mattress has brought me great joy. I suffer from diabetes and renal failure, and I am often hospitalized for treatment, but there is no obvious improvement, especially my feet are so swollen that I can't wear shoes, so I can only wear slippers. On the second day after I tried the Columbine Lai Thermal Care Mattress, the edema of my feet subsided a lot, especially the instep, the edema disappeared, and the front half of the shoes could be worn. Coilun Lai Thermal Treatment has brought a new starting point to my life. When I wake up every morning, I am no longer as lazy as before, my body seems to be recharged, very energetic, and I feel relaxed and happy throughout the day. The glycemic index is also normal, and fatigue and edema are basically gone. Now when I get home from get off work every day, I start with a 60-degree warming treatment, then improve my diet and prepare myself a healthy dinner. When you go to bed at night, adjust the temperature to 35 degrees, so you can fall asleep quickly. I think the Columbus 60 Degree Thermal Treatment is an essential good companion in my life.

"Jollabuk-do, Naju, 48 years old, Ji 00, male"

Thank you Columbus for making our whole family laugh. I myself suffer from hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure, although I usually don't care about my diet and so on. Be careful, but there will still be recurrences. After I experienced the 60-degree thermal treatment with Columbus, my blood lipid level dropped significantly, and my weight dropped by two kilograms. The whole person feels very light and spiritual, because I have personal experience, so I bought another one for my father. My father had a cardiac arrhythmia, I am more sensitive to products with electromagnetic waves and cannot fall asleep, so I did not accept the experience at first, and I have always been in a refusal attitude. but in a rainy One day, my father felt a little unwell like a cold, so I took out the Columbus mattress and adjusted the temperature to 37 degrees, so my father quickly fell asleep. In the evening, my father adjusted the temperature to 60 degrees. After 40 minutes, I sweated a lot and felt very relaxed. He said the mattress was a novelty, When the temperature is neither too high nor too low, it is like the warm sun in winter, which is mild and comfortable. When the temperature reaches 60 degrees, it is neither hot nor dry. The old machine was oiled, and it seemed to be able to start again, very vigorous. Next is the mother, who suffers from spinal separation, knee fracture sequelae, lumbar spine She also suffers from time to time, because I don't have time to take her to the hospital, so I can only endure it by myself whenever I get sick. My mother has hypothermia and always feels The cold is disturbing, and the warm care provided by Coilunlai is the most suitable for her. Now that we have Coilun Laiwen thermal care mattress at home, it brings a lot of convenience to our whole family, whether it is for heating or for wen thermal care throughout the year. Also because of Coilunlai, laughter often revolves around us.

"Lizhou City, 58 years old, Cui 00, male"

I have two hobbies, one is cycling and the other is going to the steam room. Every weekend I go cycling camping with the members of the cycling club, and then go home to the steam room. Mainly to make myself sweat, no matter how hard I try, I sweat very little, my skin is also very dry, and my sweat pores are very small. Due to the difficulty in perspiration, the skin itching, erythema, etc., have brought a lot of inconvenience to my life, so I often go to the steam room hoping to steam some sweat, but it does not work. In addition, the temperature in the steam room is high, but it takes less than 10 minutes to get out. However, on the first day of experiencing the Coilun Lai 60 degree thermal care mattress, I was sweating profusely. When I was experiencing it, I covered a thicker quilt, so the effect was more obvious. Now during the epidemic, the steam room and gym are temporarily closed. Fortunately, I met Coilun Lai, so that I can enjoy the pleasure of sweating without leaving home. This makes me feel more refreshed and energized.

"Guri, Gyeonggi-do, Yellow 00, Male"

Columbine 60 degrees warm care experience real feeling: Excessive stress, excessive fatigue, weakened immunity, general weakness in the whole body, sharp decline in vision, eyes are often sore, it is difficult to even open them, physiology is reduced, metabolism is low, sometimes forgetfulness, emotional Anxiety, low efficiency in work, although the body is not sick, but it seems to be about to become sick, this state is always circulating, there is no medicine, and I don’t know how to improve. Maybe this is what people often call "sub-health"? The Coulun Lai 60 Temperature Thermal Care Mattress gradually drove away these disturbances. At first, I insisted on lying down on the Coulun Lai mattress every day, adjusting the temperature to 60 degrees, lying on the front and back, 30 minutes each. Heat treatment, let the whole heat energy penetrate into the body, and then sweat naturally, don't underestimate this hour of heat treatment, it wakes up all the internal organs and lungs in my body, and uses heat to give them full power and make them regenerate. Start working. Gradually, I feel that my physical strength has recovered, my mental state has improved, especially my sore eyes are gone. Nothing can replace the joy that the Columbine 60 Degree Wen Thermal Care Mattress brings to me. Coilun Lai has brought me back to my cheerful daily life, full of vitality. I believe that perseverance and persistence will definitely give me a "golden health".

"Chuncheon, 65 years old, gold 00, male"

Due to the genetic factors in my family, I suffered from a cerebral infarction five years ago. The sequelae of the operation have always accompanied me, bringing a lot of inconvenience to my life. One of the most common sequelae is limb numbness. It is often related to the weather. The numbness of the limbs is especially obvious when the weather changes sharply, it is humid and hot, or it is cold. The speech was also blunt and inarticulate. Recently, I have been experiencing the Columbus Thermal Treatment. The 60-degree thermal treatment for more than an hour has made my body warm and my skin moistened. Especially after waking up, I feel very good and my mood is very comfortable. On cloudy and rainy days, it is even more inseparable from Coilun Lai. When I lie down, I don't want to get up. The limbs with limited mobility can be stretched out, and the stiff parts of the body have become soothing, soft, and can be stretched. For the changes brought to me every day, I am truly grateful to the inventor of Columbus Thermal Care. Brings hope and energy to people like us.

"Daejeon, 38 years old, Guo 00, female"

The thing I can't endure the most is the high temperature. I can't accept any electric blankets, electric quilts, plumbing blankets, steam rooms, and other medical supplies. Therefore, when I heard the 60-degree warm treatment with Coilun Lai, I immediately refused the experience. Although I had severe lumbar disc herniation and the sequelae of knee fractures, I couldn't walk on the ground during the attack. Excruciating pain. I've heard that hyperthermia can relieve pain, but I'm still intimidated by the number 60 degrees. My friend asked me to experience ten kinds first, and if I really can't stand it, I can stop. With the mentality of giving it a try, I lay down on the Columbus mattress. I saw the number "60" on the thermostat, and then I carefully lay prone on the mattress, the moment my skin touched the mattress, the high temperature of 60 degrees was like an "invisible man", Immediately disappeared, replaced by the warm heat flow under the skin, and it was like sleeping on a hot kang, but there was no dry heat at all. When the painful part of the body came into contact with the high temperature, the pleasure flowed all over the body, as if it had arrived. Hot springs, the warm atmosphere has always surrounded me. Soon I fell asleep. I was only going to experience it for 10 minutes, but I didn't expect that an hour had passed when I woke up, and the next day my body involuntarily brought me to the Columbus Thermal Care mattress. So now I have my own Columbus 60 Degree Thermal Care Mattress. Over time, the pain from herniated discs and the sequelae of knee fractures has greatly improved. Have With the Columbus Thermal Care Mattress, you no longer have to worry about pain attacks.

"Gwacheon, 48 years old, Xu 00, female"

I work in trade, mainly traveling between the Philippines and Mongolia. An average of three or four runs. Philippine and Mongolian The difference is very big. Due to this long-term irregular life, the immune system in my body has been completely disturbed, and my body has begun to become unhealthy. There are problems with the metabolic and circulatory systems, and there is no good rest and recovery from the busy work. In this way, the limbs become weak and the appetite is lost. Vibration, increased blood pressure, constipation, excess weight, difficulty breathing, I have tried various methods, but they have not improved. So I decided to stop working do, take a break. In the process of looking for treatment, I came across the Coilun Lai 60 degree thermal care mattress, which didn't attract my attention at first, because my family There are a lot of equipment and electric heating products of various sizes in the middle and small, and finally, accompanied by my best friend, I experienced the Coilun Lai Thermal Care Mattress. Day 1: After the experience, my face was swollen, some small red spots appeared on my skin, and I felt itching. I also feel itchy around the eyes, (used to cataract surgery). Then the whole hand was swollen, the body felt weak, and a little dizzy. Day 2: Insist on the same experience, even at night Fall asleep early. When I woke up on the third day, I felt that my body was lighter than the previous two days. The swelling and itching on my face also subsided. I went to the bathroom to excrete. Later, what surprised me was that the color of the excrement was black and green. The so-called stasis accumulated in the body for many years was just like that. Now the Coilun Lai Thermal Care Mattress has been with me for more than 3 months, my health has improved significantly, my vitality has been restored, and my complexion has also improved a lot. change. Really lucky. Thank you for your loving care of Columbus Thermal Care Mattress.

"Fentang City, 41 years old, Park 00, male"

I have low blood pressure. When I sleep, I often have leg cramps in the middle of the night. In addition, my bladder is relatively small and I stand for a long time. Or when you are overtired, urinating is uncomfortable. Therefore, there are often backup medicines for cystitis around. The fifth of the Columbine experience At the end of the day, I felt that my urination was smoother than before, the color gradually became lighter from dark yellow, and there was no leg cramps. On the first day, I experienced 45 minutes on the Coilun Lai 60-degree thermal care mattress. It was a cold winter, and I was particularly afraid of the cold. So I felt so warm as soon as I lay down, and it quickly "melted" my cold limbs, because my legs were cramping a lot. This consciously presses the legs against the mattress at 60 degrees. The heat flowed into the body, and there was a slight sense of expansion. After waking up, feel the heart Jumping faster, a little dizzy. After experiencing this for three consecutive days, the dizziness and heartbeat gradually disappeared, and the body also became Lighten up. Best of all, when I go to bed at night, my leg cramps are much less than before. On the fifth day of Coilun Lai's experience, I felt that my urination was smoother than before, and the color gradually became lighter from dark yellow, especially at night, I slept more peacefully.

"Anshan City, 35 years old, Cai 00, female>

As a girl, the most headache for me is the cramps every time I get my period. Maybe it's genetic my mother, dysmenorrhea is very severe, there is no other way other than taking painkillers. I have also seen it in traditional Chinese medicine, and I have taken a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, but there is no special improvement. After contacting the Columbus 60 degree thermal treatment, I have greatly improved. Although there is some pain every time I have my menstrual period, I do feel that it is better than before. In addition to dysmenorrhea, there are also symptoms of fungal vaginitis, poor health, and frequent work pressures. After the meticulous care of the 60-degree warm care from Coilun Lai, the inflammation gradually disappeared. I have heard from old people that girls should pay attention to keeping their lower abdomen warm and not catch cold. Now, with Karen, dysmenorrhea and vaginitis can be cured. A very good improvement, no longer worry about being disturbed. I should try my best to recommend it to more female friends. Coilun Lai 60 degrees warm care is really my best friend.

"Ruzhou City, 47 years old, Zhang 00, male"

I suffer from gout, and the attacks are unbearable. Due to long-term lack of attention to eating habits and proper exercise, weight gain, work Stress is high, and health is deteriorating with it. By the time I found out I had gout, it was too late, and I had to rely on medication for first aid. After getting better, I went back to my original way of life, and this has been repeated for several years. Nothing has changed, only it has become more powerful. Coilun Lai 60-degree thermal treatment saved me when I was in the most pain. In fact, the so-called experience is not particularly complicated. It is to lie on the 60-degree mattress of Columbus, let the heat energy that does not scald the skin penetrate deep into the body and play a role in the body. So for the first three days, I basically put the gout part on a 60-degree mattress. For better results, I covered a thicker quilt. I was sweating and seemed to loose a lot. For the next few days, I felt a little dizzy and my heart beat faster, but I didn't feel much discomfort. I persist in the process of experiencing Do not take painkillers. After a week, the pain was reduced and I was able to walk around. Coilun Lai relieved my pain, opened a new door for me to have good habits again, and now I have changed my bad habits Eating habits, daily routine, regular exercise, and one hour of warm care with Columbus every day have greatly improved the quality of life and health. improvement.

"Ulsan City, 43 years old, grandson 00, female"

Female menopause syndrome is more common in women between 46 and 50 years old, but I am 43 years old this year, and there are still several years before menopause, but I have already experienced irregular menstruation and hot flashes And urinary incontinence. Usually I have to wear wet pants, sleep well, memory loss is moody, Chinese medicine says: "Liver and kidney yin deficiency, liver stagnation and qi stagnation" I took traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. After a while, I felt a little better. However, urinary incontinence has not been improved, and it has brought a lot of inconvenience to work. At first, I was puzzled by the high temperature of 60 degrees, why What about nursing at such high temperatures? With this question in mind, I started the Columbus 60 degree thermal treatment. I started to experience it after taking a shower and wearing only thin underwear. The body was covered with a quilt that was neither thin nor thick, and the temperature slowly rose to 60 degrees before noticing it. According to common sense, 60 degrees is a very high temperature, and the skin is completely tolerant. I can't stand it, but I'm wearing thin underwear and my entire skin is surrounded by 60 degrees, but it doesn't feel hot. Slowly started sweating, 30 minutes Afterwards, I adjusted my prone position and put my face on the mattress. I could feel a heat flow all over my body, from my forehead to my neck, and soon I was sweating, This reminds me that in order to improve dry skin, sometimes I use the steam after boiling water to steam the skin, but now I can easily do it, and it does not scald the skin. Since that day, Coilun Lai has become my intimate partner. After more than 4 months, my urinary incontinence has been greatly improved, and I can no longer wear wet pants, especially when insomnia has been cured good relief. At night I set the temperature to 37 degrees and I fell asleep quickly. The system has been improved, people are more energetic, and their mood has become more comfortable, especially if they sleep well at night, the skin has become shiny and full. Because there are no wet pants, I can now walk for an hour a day.

"Daejeon City, Age 41, Min 00, Male"

When I was in college, I was the varsity basketball captain and injured my shoulder multiple times during training. After taking a job in a game development company At work, sitting in front of the computer for a long time, I usually don't pay attention to keeping warm, and later got frozen shoulder. Sometimes when the disease is severe, Swelling, limited flexion and extension, numbness and weakness, especially at night, the pain makes it difficult to sleep. I also don't like going to the hospital It's been like this for a long time, but last year, the situation suddenly deteriorated, and the arm could not be lifted at all, and it became very stiff. Although after treatment recovery, but not always back to the normal state before. Columbine 60 degrees warm care experience real feeling: On the first day, the 60-degree heat treatment was just right for me because of the unbearable shoulder pain. So as soon as the shoulders touch the mattress, I felt like there was a clear spring pouring in, and it seemed like water in the desert, which immediately had a calming effect. The next day, the pain was obviously reduced a lot, and I continued the 60-degree warm treatment. I was sweating and my heart rate was a little bit faster, but I fell asleep after a while. After I got up, I drank a lot of water, like taking painkillers, and the pain was less than the day before. On the third day, I felt a little pain in the cervical spine and swelling around my shoulders. On the fourth day, like the previous days, it was still 60 degrees and more than an hour of warm care. On the fifth day, the swelling that appeared a few days ago disappeared, the pain also improved significantly, and the pain in the cervical spine disappeared. In this way, I experienced it for seven days, and I can stop taking painkillers. The 60-degree warm treatment from Columbine relieved my pain and provided a good foundation for me to return to my normal life.


It's easy to wake up in the morning! I always had a hard time because I couldn't sleep. This is the best! It's a amazing experience. The feeling of getting warm even though the heat doesn't close directly.


It was my first time, and it was very fascinating and I liked it. How can there be such a product? It's not just material like an electric wire. I can't believe that made of fibers. It's amazing. I've never seen a mat like this before. Make a fortune!


I gave it to my parents as a gift, and they used it and loved it. They always suffered from back pain and arthritis, but they said that were going to live now. Thank you for the best product.


I bought it half-heartedly, and it's very good. Whenever it rains, my knees and legs hurt a lot, Amazingly.