Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat

8th Street With Farm Pharmacy Sales Colleen Medical Hyperthermia Mat in South Korea,
Get a sauna effect with far-infrared heat without electric heating.


  • 60 degree available
  • Use it separately on the left and right.(Double)
  • Automatic off after 8 hours
  • Far-infrared emission
  • Anti-bacterial effect
  • Deodorization
  • Electromagnetic compatibility certification
  • Radon measurement certification

  • [Specifications]

  • Product Standard
    -Single: 1000x2000mm
    -Double: 1000x2000mm
  • Power Consumption
    -Single: 250W±10%
    -Double: 390W±10%
  • Rated Voltage : AC220V/60HZ
  •       AC110V/60HZ in USA,CAN
  • Temperature Range : 25℃~60℃±5


Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat After 15 Years of Research

You've never experienced this before...Kohlen

Kohlen for Smart Consumers

Age when immunity is important

Age when immunity is important

COVID-19(Coronavirus Disease)



The outbreak of a variety of viruses

From now on?

Age when immunity is important

How to boost immunity?

In the age of COVID-19

Keeping your body temperature at 36.5 degrees
is the correct answer.

So, how do you keep your body temperatures?

Sauna is "solution"

Sauna is Hot,
so you have to cut it out for the effect.

Moreover, can we go to a sauna
in the COVID-19 era?

If you can have a sauna at home every day,

Just sleep every day.

If you can maintain your body temperatures

for a healthy life,

If your skin isn't hot even if
you use it at 60 degrees,

Is there a product that doesn't make your skin hot
when you use it at 60-degrees Celsius?

I introduce it to you with confidence.

The skin doesn't feel hot,
so it has a long-lasting heat effect.

Here is a Kohlen that can give you
a 60-degrees steaming effect.

Medical Device Manufacturing Permit No.5140

Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat

It helps maintain body temperatures by just sleeping.

It's an amazing Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat that doesn't make your skin hot.

Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat ?

A technology of nanonizing about 30 kinds of far-infrared minerals

such as Phyllite and coating poly-thread can also be used.

Use of non-electric poly-fiber fabric heating elements

Breakthrough technology that doesn't make your skin hot.

The heat taste that you've never experienced before

Sauna steaming function when used at 60-degrees for 20 minutes to 1 hour

8 hours of sleep to provide far-infrared heat to the body

Help maintain a healthy 36.5-degree body temperatures

No harmful electromagnetic waves, so it's safe to use.

Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat obtained
the Korean Kohlen technology certificate

Transcends and overcomes the unpleasant
and burning sensation of direct heat to the skin

Indirectly receiving heat, the warming effect radiated
from the inside to the outside does not scald the skin at all

The development of Columbus thermal technology,

In order to maximize the beneficial effect
of the warming effect on human body functions

The Mystery of Thermotherapy


We live in an era where immunity is more important than ever.

Immunity is drawing more attention due to COVID-19.

Mystery of the human body

Raising body temperatures by 1 degree increases immunity by 5times

Decreased chance of developing a disease

Most people are not aware of

the importance of heat and body temperatures.

This is because the temperatures the skin

can withstand is limited.

However, if you don't feel your skin is hot,

the story will change.

Kohlen that doesn't feel hot at all even if you use it at 60 degrees.

"This is how you can use the Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat."

Try using 60 degrees

for 20 minutes to 1 hour. !!!

(You have to cover yourself with a blanket.)

When you have a cold

When your body is inflamed

When there is temporary pain

When you have temporary muscle pain

When you're stressed out

When you have insomnia

When you want to use sauna
(it is very important to adjust it to 60 degrees
and lie down on your stomach for 20 to 30 minutes
and then lie down on your back for 20 to 30 minutes.)

Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat-Effect

Strengthening of immunity

-It penetrates deep into the body and raises the body temperatures.

Relief from pain

-Back pain, knee pain.
-Arthritis, joint inflammation
*However, except functional ones (e.g., intervertebral disc herniation)

Relief and improvement of muscle pain

Improve blood circulation / promote metabolism

-Improve blood flow (Helps clear sticky blood)

Recover one's strength and energy / Refection

-The ability to welcome a refreshing morning
-Lively daily energetic life
-Fast recovery from a cold

Good night's sleep

-Alleviation and prevention of insomnia
-Relieve stress

Hangover help

-Use when sleeping after drinking

It's good for people like this.

Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Back pain

hand and foot cold

Leg pain

Chronic indigestion

Experience Review


It's easy to wake up in the morning! I always had a hard time because I couldn't sleep. This is the best! It's a amazing experience. The feeling of getting warm even though the heat doesn't close directly.


It was my first time, and it was very fascinating and I liked it. How can there be such a product? It's not just material like an electric wire. I can't believe that made of fibers. It's amazing. I've never seen a mat like this before. Make a fortune!


I gave it to my parents as a gift, and they used it and loved it. They always suffered from back pain and arthritis, but they said that were going to live now. Thank you for the best product.


I bought it half-heartedly, and it's very good. Whenever it rains, my knees and legs hurt a lot, Amazingly.

Once you use it, you will understand why.

You'll be able to compare it to other mats.^^

15 years of research and development of Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat.

Certification and Patent

Frequently asked Questions

Heat plate slow to heat plate slow?

Check if the connection code is connected.

What if the heat plate temperature does not match?

When using this product for the first time, set the temperature control lever to the maximum temperature. Use it to reach the maximum temperature and then lower it to the appropriate temperature.

What if the temperature drops sharply during use?

The surface must be covered with a quilt of equal thickness.

What if the regulator turns off while in use?

If it is automatically turned off after 8 hours, turn on the power again and set it back to the desired temperature.

Within 8 hours of work, within 1 hour of high temperature (60℃)?

If you use it for a long time at a high temperature, there is a risk of overheating or burning the product, and only use it for the prescribed time required.


You're worried about the service?
Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat will be exchanged 1:1
with a new product with a one-year warranty.
(However, after checking the instruction manual,
the customer should not be careless.)
Only use 60 degrees for 1 hour.

Are you worried about shipping?
We will send it to you safely by international EMS.


Age of 100! Essentials for healthy sleep Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat

-Advanced proprietary Kohlen technology
-Thermal and immunological effects of far-infrared radiation
-Energy conservation and convenience
-Use of anti-electromagnetic materials and control of harmful electromagnetic waves

Kohlen technology is a state-of-the-art technology created by editing and combining materials of electricity and thermology.
The clear feature of the material is that it warms up and emits far-infrared rays that are beneficial to the human body.
The emission of far-infrared rays affects a portion of the air and converts it into charged anions.
Kohlen technology has the effect of emitting a large amount of far infrared rays and anions.

Why Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat? Let's see if it's outstanding!

Kohlen is a thermal mat for hypothermia and deep sleep and is a state-of-the-art mat.

1. Enjoy a different level of heat from Kohlen's technology.

Kohlen technology, which has been researched
and developed for a long time, does not feel hot in the skin.
It's not surface heat, so it feels warm and cozy.
Feel the warmth you feel deep inside your body.

2. Kohlen's heat is far-infrared, the best thermal therapy....Kohlen

Enjoy the effects of thermal therapy with colen technology that
transmits far-infrared radiation to the basic and organ.

3. Don't worry about electromagnetic waves.

Use the heat-free Kohlen heating fabric and shield fabric with confidence.

4. Antibacterial and deodorizing function

Kohlen has antibacterial and deodorizing functions,so you can use it comfortably.

5. Electricity-saving effect

You can use it economically with Kohlen technology.

How to use a regulator

Consumer customer center:+82)050-5515-1555



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Please contact us by country for the detailed price.
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