Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat

Non-electric heating wire

Effect of Transmitting Heat to Organs


Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat

No Electric Wire Heating Thermal Mat use at 60 degree temperatures.

-It helps maintain body temperatures for health.
-Body temperature is a barometer for health.

  • Body temperatures is a barometer for health.
          It helps maintain body temperature for health.
  • Power Consumption : Single 250W±10%, Double 390W±10%
  • Rated Voltage : AC220V/60HZ
  • Temperature Range : 25℃~60℃±5

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    We challenge the global market with differentiated kohlen technology.


    Kohlen Hyperthermia Mat adopts the same pricing policy around the world as possible.
    Please contact us by country for the detailed price.
    Please check made in Korea.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Heat plate slow to heat plate slow?

    Check if the connection code is connected.

    What if the heat plate temperature does not match?

    When using this product for the first time, set the temperature control lever to the maximum temperature. Use it to reach the maximum temperature and then lower it to the appropriate temperature.

    What if the temperature drops sharply during use?

    The surface must be covered with a quilt of equal thickness.

    What if the regulator turns off while in use?

    If it is automatically turned off after 8 hours, turn on the power again and set it back to the desired temperature.

    Within 8 hours of work, within 1 hour of high temperature (60℃)?

    If you use it for a long time at a high temperature, there is a risk of overheating or burning the product, and only use it for the prescribed time required.


    Die Kohlen-Technologie wird durch mehrere klinische Studien durch die Kohlen-Hyperthermie-Matte bewiesen.

    Dr. Michael Elnekheli

    -President of the Professional Association of Austrian Gynaecologists in Austria
    -HSP Global Research Institute President
    -Columnist in the gynecological journal "GynAktiv" and "Jatros-Die Frau" in Austria
    -Senior Physician at the St.Josef Vienna Hospital in Austria
    -Training as a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics at the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital in Austria

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